Lionel Messi   Luis Lionel Andres Messi (Lionel Messi ) is a left foot dribbler and also a prominent striker of Barcelona football club. Messi also does participate from Argentina national team in international football events. He is also known among the greatest football players in the history. Messi is also known as junior maradona. Mostly messi follows catholic religion of Spanish and Italian. He has a dual nationality.

The birth place of Lionel messi is Rosario city of Sante Fe Province of Argentina in 1987 June 24th. messi started his football career in early 13 years old from Barcelona football team. In his early childhood he had a diagnosed of growth hormone deficiency so his family member could not afford to pay for his cure so he was cured by the help of Barcelona by being impressed of his football skills and his potentiality from where messi started his career. In only 17 years old when he first debuted in soccer match in 2004. When Barcelona star Ronaldinho lost his form then then Barcelona football team started calling messi the savior, Messiah because he brought the new hope of winning the game in the team. Messi’s height is 5 feet 6 inch tall and his weight is 67 kg. He is gifted by the god. Messi’s salary is 20 million Euros without including any taxes to the government. In last 5 years his salary was increased by 5 million Euros. Messi was earning huge salary by making him the highest paid soccer player in the world.

In terms of awards, endorsement, salary, fans, brands and many more he is mostly compared with Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo). Lionel Messi’s income also comers from Endorsement of top brands like Pepsi, Nike, and Adidas. Prestigious companies like Turkish Airlines have chosen Messi as a global ambassador. Since 2008 he has been living together with his childhood girlfriend. Lionel messi have 2 children, Thiago and Mateo. His 1st child Thiago was born in 2012 and his 2nd in 2015. Traditional marriage was not been preferred by messy so we can say that messy has no wife. The mother of this two sons name is Antonella. And his ex-girlfriend list includes Macarena lemos.

Luis Lionel Andres Messi (Lionel Messi) is worldwide very famous by his amazing football skills and talents. So he has many fans from many different countries.


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