Tom Brady biography, net worth

Tom Brady biography, net worth

Tom Brady is a professional football player, born in August 3, 1977, San Mateo, California, United States to his parents “Tom Brady Sr.” as his father and “Galynn Patricia Brady” as a mother. Tom fill name is “Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr.”.

Tom brady

Tom Brady- Career

Then net worth estimation of Tom Brady is $120 million. He remains one of the best five quarterbacks to date that NFL has ever seen. To him his parents were huge supporter and great fans of San Francisco 49era so they took Tom Brady and his sister to games. It was his grade nine when he started playing football in all-boys Catholic school where he went to. Tom also used to play basketball. In 1995, tom Brady was drafted by the Montreal Expos as a catcher but in 1995, he decided to join the University of Michigan in scholarship to play football instead.

During his first two seasons tom spent his time standing on the sideline instead on the field, where he was the third-string quarterback of the team. Tom tried his best on his training and game and became Michigan’s starting quarterback 1999. Tom also tossed 20 touchdown passes and led Michigan to victory over Auburn in the Orange Bowl during playing his senior year college football.

Tom Brady started to accumulate after he signed the doted for a four fear contract for $72 million in September with the patriots. Quickly Brady was promoted to the star player of Patriots. Tom Brady made news in real estate circles along when he proceeded to sell his NY condo for around $17.5 million and also gained the profit about 3.5 million on the deal.  He and his wife have built a house recently which worth about $20 million in Los Angeles. Tom married a super model “Gisele Bundchen”, they both fell in love and married in 2009. They paid $11 million for the house and spender more money for the renovation of house into a large one. Tom Brady also signed a two year contract with the New England Patriots for $41,000,000, which includes $28,000,000 signing bonus, $28,000,000 guaranteed and average salary of Tom Brady is #20,500,000. In 2016, Brady will earn a base salary of $764,705 and a signing bonus of $28,000,000.

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